Coaching and Continuing Education

Participation in the course has given me more confidence in my skills…and my competency.  

I am committed to lifelong learning and I enjoy co-creating opportunities for clients to excel on their chosen professional or personal path.  I view learning as a reciprocal, dynamic process that occurs in and outside of a coaching or training experience.  Participants learn best through acknowledgement of their unique talent, supportive leadership, and engaging processes.  I work with individuals and organizations to design an experience  tailored to their specific desires.

Professional and personal development offerings include:


Melba, I learned so much about my leadership style, standing for my values, and asking the right questions. 

Coaching invites clients to remember we are individuals shaped by contexts.  Then we acknowledge individual and contextual pain points with courage, curiosity, kindness and humor.  Clients collaboratively recognize, develop, and trust their internal and external resources while stepping into greater personal freedom and leadership.

Continuing Education

Melba, I really respect your wealth of …experience.  I also appreciate your willingness to share the depth of knowledge with us in such an authentic, compassionate, and caring way…Your comments throughout [sic] inspired genuine reflection and learning. 

Active, engaging, learning experiences acknowledge multiple learning styles and the wisdom each participant brings to the process. Blended-learning, online, and in-person courses are available and tailored to clients’ unique training goals.


 Dr. Sullivan your supervision was …never unsafe.  

Person-of-the-therapist and trauma-informed models of supervision influence my developmental approach to supervision.  I believe, when available,  video and audio recording of sessions, or live supervision greatly enhance client and clinician development.