Leadership and Management Consulting

Reduce workplace stress and promote sustainable systems through senior-level coaching, embodied exploration of team dynamics, and reflection on the intersection between individual and organizational mission, values, and beliefs. Five key principles anchor the consultation process: Physical and Emotional Safety, Truth, Transparency and Trustworthiness, Collaboration, Choice, and Professional Growth and Development.  The consultation process results in an action plan, measurable results, sustainable strategies and  recommendations for ongoing reflection and growth.

Client goals previously accomplished through culture and systems consultation include: restructuring programs and policies; facilitating a mission-driven organizational approach; developing a sustainable clinical service delivery system; creating an organizational culture of compassion; incorporating trauma-informed principles into organizational practices; resolving conflict amongst key stakeholders; creating ongoing professional development policy and practice . 

Psychological Evaluations for Legal Proceedings

In collaboration with legal teams, psychological evaluations invite the court to consider their clients’ humanity during the decision-making process. Timely and relevant psychological evaluations are organized as a clinical response to questions developed with attorneys. The evaluations include culturally-informed clinical information and are introduced into asylum, immigration, juvenile and adult sentencing proceedings.