Jamal Sullivan @ jsulli.com

Curriculum Vitae

Dev Diary

Photogrammetry sketches: Yogi Man

Using a simple DSLR, or even a camera from a mobile phone, you can capture enough images to build a recognizable mesh that would allow for quick experimentation in your modeling. I was able to create these imperfect meshes using open source software and very little processing time.

Baking textures from these high-poly models and transferring that texturing to a retopologized and UV-ed model turns texturing into an editing process rather than building from scratch.

The next steps are combining this retopologized model with another separate environment modeled from some other photogrammteric sketches.

Photogrammetry sketches: NYBG rocks and steps

This model was built from photos taken during a family visit to New York Botanical Gardens.

Photogrammetry sketches: Kaun Yin statue @ Ananda retreat

The model is built from photos taken with my iphone 6.

I took the photos one afternoon during a capoeira retreat @ Ananda.

Photogrammetry sketches: Rudraksha grove in Kauai HI

I was enamored with this grove of Rudraksha trees while on vacation in Kauai

Gesture Drawings

These are drawing of capoeristas at play in the roda. Some of the drawings are completed during the roda as it plays out, Others are redrawn later considering weight, balance, and movement.

Student concept art

These are drawings and character sheets created by students in one of my character design courses. Initially for warm-ups, The student would create fantastical animal based characters established by combining two random animals and an adjective. "Mystical + fox + kiwi", would be an example starting description.